What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

Peter Drucker


Elberling is founded by Nicolai Elberling and has more than 15 years of experience with governance, compliance and risk management.

He has played a central role creating the compliance and security governance framework behind NemID, a service controlling the digital ID in relation to banks and public institutions for both citizens and companies in Denmark.

He has helped start security, compliance and risk management departments both within IT and on an enterprise level; He has created policies and procedures covering all parts of GRC for numerous companies, and have taught managers, experts and general employees in most of the related disciplines.

Nicolai is used to challenge and advise both managers and experts while focusing on increasing autonomy and quality in their ability to deal with risks, compliance and governance. Both on an operational business and strategic level.

In Elberling.uk we are helping clients establish governance and control while improving their company culture. Our main focus is on governance structures and management of risk, compliance, conflicts and negotiations. And of course good business.

If Risk Management is not helping you improve your business, you are doing something completely wrong!

What is important to us is establishing ownership, responsibility and governance in the organisations we work with as well as making the disciplines meaningful, understandable and operational to enhance employee awareness to improve your business.

We have been operating especially in the financial sector in the Nordic countries including companies like SAXO Payments.

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