Get tips on Governance and management of Risks, Compliance, Security and Control

And how to make it all work together, as a coherent set of disciplines.

If Risk Management is not helping you improve your business, you are doing something completely wrong!

Risks refer to the threats we are exposed to. Threats are a fundamental part of doing business, meaning that if we manage to eliminate all threats we have probably also eliminated our basis for doing good business. What is important is being aware of these threats.

Thus, risk management is a central part of your business and that’s why we need to know how to relate to:

– When the advantages of the business exceed the threats.
– What we can do to eliminate risks without losing business.
– What advantages we have from knowing our risks.

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Documentation – show that everything is under control

Documentation is about being able to account for having everything under control when it comes to risk, compliance, and security management.

On one hand, this involves making working procedures explicit, including responsibilities for making decisions, politics, procedures, and instructions.

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Control Management

Control Management is a central part of risk, compliance, and security management – because it is all about making them concrete. Risk, compliance, and security won’t get you anywhere if they do not result in implemented security measures and timely execution of well-designed controls.

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Incidents – and how to make use of them

An incident is an unexpected event, whether positive or negative, actual or just a near miss. Incidents need to be managed before they escalate and potentially lead to a crisis or an emergency. That’s why we need to keep up with incidents by managing them properly.

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Why Compliance Isn’t Just About Law

Compliance is all about knowing the rules, and making sure that you comply and are able to account for it. Whether we live up to our obligations is one thing, but even more important is whether we can account for it. An essential part of compliance refers to being able to document what we do exactly.

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