What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

Peter Drucker

Enterprise Risk Management training: 3-days course & workshop for Risk Coordinators and ERM employees

€1,850.00 excl. VAT.

As a Risk Coordinator or an ERM employee you’re hired to protect and create value for stakeholders of the company. These are owners, customers, fellow employees, regulators and society in general.

But are you really dressed for the job? Do you have the required enterprise risk management training?

An enormous amount of money is on the line. Stakes are high. You know that it’s really going to cost the company if you somehow fail in doing the job.

Best Enterprise Risk Management training on the marked

What if we told you, that in only 3 days you could learn all the tricks of professional Enterprise Risk Management?

This isn’t to say, you’ll become a world champion, but you’ll know all aspects of the ERM process from risk identification and assessment to risk review and monitoring.

You’ll be able to take home what you’ve learned during your 3 days of Enterprise Risk Management training and start implementing from day one back on the job.

You’ll have frontier knowledge of all processes involved in ERM. This, practise and persistence is what eventually makes the world champion. Ask any experienced professional in the field.

Offer real protection and value creation

The thing is, that Enterprise Risk Management doesn’t have to be that complex. Nevertheless, it is a craft to be studied before undertaken.

Study now – and learn the methodology. Get it right from the very beginning through Enterprise Risk Management training taught by the best in the business.

Get the clear, straightforward, outspoken and actionable picture of the risks your department or company takes – and make better, wiser decisions for your company.


How do you begin the assessment of enterprise risks and opportunities? How do you evaluate, plan and execute changes to risk maturity throughout the company?

How do you prioritise and monitor? When is it necessary to take action and implement extraordinary measures?

What are the roles related to ERM and how do you embed Risk Management throughout the organisation?

This 3-day course is for ERM-employees and Risk Coordinators who is required to have have frontier knowledge of how to establish ERM, that actually protects the company and creates value for stakeholders.

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The details

Course dates: 3-5. April, 2017
Place: Copenhagen
Ordinary price: € 1850 excl. VAT
Special offer: € 1480 excl. VAT until February 17.

N.B.: Limited number of seats: 20


Do you and your department recognise these hardships in regards to ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)?

  • We are drowning in work. It’s impossible to handle risks for the entire organisation. We’re too few people.
  • Either we’d need to instruct all our managers at once for them to complete a minimum level of risk management. Or else top management would have to control ERM themselves. It would be impossible to do both at a time. Or rather, we might not even have the resources to do one of the things effectively.
  • We don’t really know how to paint a clear picture when consolidating minor risks throughout the company. For instance, we have a hard time showing exactly how underlying risk map to tendencies. Without a clear picture, we can’t place responsibility. We cannot plan an appropriate risk response – and then we have nothing to present to management.
  • Sometimes we do succeed in consolidating risks, but then we struggle to anchor our findings in the appropriate parties. This too makes response planning problematic
  • We are not part of the strategic process and cannot raise strategic risks untill management have completed the strategy. At this point change is no longer an option.
  • The strategic risks we bring to the light are almost routinely rejected by management. They don’t seem to take ERM seriously and we can’t persuade them to do so.
  • We’re discussing the same risks quarter after quarter. Yes, they make it to the meeting agenda, but nothing’s ever done about them.
  • Risk Management is only skin deep in the organisation. High level risks are discussed only by top managers. The people with the real knowledge are never really consulted. There’s no connection to what actually happens on the “floor”.
  • We don’t really understand the organisation well enough to make a genuine risk assessment. Instead, we randomly pluck the most obvious risks based on how discussions turn out at meetings.
  • Enterprise level risks overshadow risks at the lower levels. The latter ends up ignored, in the bottom of the pile.
  • Nobody knows how to handle project risks. They keep surprising us. We don’t know how to run projects without extreme risk-taking.

If only one of these statements apply, our Enterprise Risk Management training is right for you. We have set out to change your perspective on risks – to give you a clear view of the road ahead – and to give you all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed at ERM.


  • Introduction
    • Who are you?
    • Current role and team status
    • Biggest current issues
    • End point results
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Workshop
    • Assessment stages (Scoping, identification, quantification, response planning)
    • Approach and goals (awareness, oriented in risks, decision support, dialogue)
    • Method to fit the scenario
  • Control Design
  • Facilitating Enterprise Risk Assessments
    • Volume of Business
    • Key structure
    • Time and pace
    • Tools
  • Defining the framework
    • Risk models, scales and risk schemes (IT, investment, projects, ERM)
    • Organisational roles and their responsibilities
    • ERM and roles within it
    • Collecting and correlating risks
    • Understanding risk profiles, responsibilities and limits (Risk Appetite).
    • Tools
  • The power of Integration
    • Compliance,
    • Incident Management
    • Control Management
    • Opportunities and Benefits
    • BCM
    • Governance model
    • Strategy
  • Maturity of your organisation
    • How to identify
    • Approach and ability for each level
    • The right tools for each level
  • Creating a risk dialogue at all levels
  • Affecting the organisation
  • Measuring ERM performance

After the 3-day Enterprise Risk Management training course you’ll be able to fulfill all obligations related to ERM for your department or the entire company:

  • Fulfill the ERM role in the organisation
  • Evaluate, plan and execute changes to risk maturity throughout the company. Use the adequate methodology and tools for each maturity level you handle
  • Prioritise what and what not to do in a field already characterized by way too heavy a workload
  • Facilitate Enterprise Risk Management workshops for fellow employees
  • Advise on risks, mitigation activities and ERM planning
  • Collect, bundle and correlate risks
  • Create relevant reports to top management
  • Integrate Risk Management with Compliance, Incident, Control, Business Continuity Management and the company governance model
  • Understand relevant risk management models – when to use which models and how to implement them
  • Understand risk profiles and how to define them
  • Align and integrate different enterprise risk schemes
  • Understand how to control Risk Management across suppliers and sourcing partners

Teaching methods:

During the 3 days you will participate in class training and dialogue on Enterprise Risk Management theory and practice. We’ll discuss cases, tools and others and you’ll engage in theoretical and practical assignments.

To ensure the quality, the 3-day course is offered to a limited number of 20 participants.

Upon signing up, you will receive the relevant course material and be referred to the tools we’ll use during the enterprise risk management training.


Nicolai Elberling (Founder of elberling.uk) has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Risk Management, Governance and Compliance especially in the financial sector.

Martin Falk-Hansen is Team Leader for the Group Internal Audit unit in KMD. Before then, he worked as System Manager at Nationalbanken (The Danish National Bank) in the business unit ‘Banking and Markets’.

Additionally, Martin has worked with Risk Management and ERM in various areas of the financial sector in Denmark and other Nordic countries.

When and where

The course will take place in Copenhagen. Details on location and time will be announced closer to the course start date.

Get ERM right from the very beginning. Make better, wiser decisions and offer real protection and value creation to your company.

The details

Course dates: 3-5. April, 2017
Place: Copenhagen
Ordinary price: € 1850 excl. VAT
Special offer: € 1480 excl. VAT until February 17.

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Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation.

Since 2014 we have worked closely with Nicolai Elberling and partners. He has helped us identify and document our most important policies and procedures. He assisted us in defining and implementing controls and in creating and facilitating our new IT strategy.

Early in this period, we aimed at going public. Our IT-department grew from 5 to 38 employees. Complexity grew. We never did go public, but ended up being bought by Canon. Nicolai helped us prepare for the transition with GRC. He helped us build transparency and accountability while holding on to governance and control.

Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation. Without them it’s simply not possible to change the organisation, the culture and the mind-sets fast enough.

     - Peter Højfeldt Flittner, CIO, Milestone

No fancy PowerPoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance.

“Nicolai from elberling.uk helped us establish the right governance structure and balance roles and responsibilities in the company.

He worked with us in a very pragmatic and hands-on manner. Not only did he help us identify what to balance in terms of governance, Risk Management and Compliance. He helped us find the focus we needed. He assisted in delegating responsibility, defining new roles for each employee and engaging the team. No fancy powerpoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance!

All members of our management team are taking governance responsibility now - and we’re no longer slowed down by the bottleneck of top executive decision making.

All the stakeholders involved are very happy with the process as well as the results. Everybody seems to be rising to the challenges of new roles and responsibilities.

That’s why every hour spent was well worth the money! I highly recommend the GRC management of elberling.uk.”

      - CEO, a Danish Fin-Tech company

About elberling.uk

elberling.uk is founded by Nicolai Elberling. We help clients establish governance and control through unifying company culture.

Our main focus is GRC. It is on governance structures and management of risk. We focus on compliance, conflicts and negotiations as well.

elberling.uk is a team of dedicated people with more than 15 years of experience within governance, compliance and risk management – especially in the financial sector of the Nordic countries.