What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the maturity test

These are some of the most common questions asked about the maturity test. If you have a question which isn’t answered below, please contact us on sales@elberling.uk or +44 8445 499 101.

What will be measured?

That is defined during setup, but we are measuring on two dimensions: the degree of existence of key roles and the extend and responsibility on key disciplines.

What is included in the report?

We are currently delivering four kinds of reports:

  • A preliminary free report, containing maturity levels for each discipline in scope
  • A preliminary paid report, containing a more detailed description of current situation, suggested goals, and suggested next step for each discipline and role in scope
  • A benchmark against other organisations measured, based on the preliminary analysis. This includes a comparison to other organisations in regards to the disciplines and roles in scope. The comparison will compare you to best in class, norm and worst in class for either your sector or the full range of organisations measured
  • A full survey report, containing an executive summary, a comparison between levels identified in the preliminary analysis with actual observed levels in the organisation, the goals set compared to what will be possible, risks identified, suggested actions, observations made, a list of possible mitigation activities.
Will we know who in our organisation is failing, so we can fix it?


What is a maturity model?

A maturity model is a simplified model of how mature an organisation is. It is describing maturity in a number of maturity levels (5 levels seems to be a well used norm) and often illustrated in the form of stairs, one building on top of the other. For a good maturity model, you should easily be able to identify on which maturity level you currently are at.

One of the important points of describing maturity as well defined levels, is that the organisation will be able to  focus on lifting the bottom by first improving the issues related to the lowest level, before addressing any of the higher level issues.

This will help ensure that you are building on a solid foundation, and that the issues addressed are not impossible.

This point is illustrated with the staircase, as you will need to just one step at a time, since jumping from level 1 to 5 in one go rarely is possible.

You can read more about the maturity model we have designed and are using for measuring maturity related to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).

What maturity model are you using?

We have made our own, called Security Culture Maturity Model (SCMM) and you can read about it her: Security Culture Maturity Model.

The model is aligned with CMMI

How long will it take to complete a survey?

The free survey will take 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how well the respondent knows the disciplines.

The full survey will take approximately around 20 minutes for most employees and managers.

What will happen when we have signed up?

You will be asked to complete the free survey.

Doing this will give us the information needed to prepare and discuss the scope and extend with you and ultimately the prepare the setup.

We will invoice you for the setup, and will require that you pay this in advance before we start working.

When payment has been made, we will be following the timetable below:

Setup:2 – 3 weeksDesign, setup and test of the survey
Execution:2 weeksUpload of contacts, send out, reminders (after 7 days) and closing (after 14 days).
Reporting:2 – 3 weeksAnalysis and creation of report.

In other word, you can expect to receive the full report between 6 and 8 weeks after completing payment.

We will invoice the outstanding amount covering the report, when this is done and delivered to you.

What languages will you do the survey in?

English. Currently no other language is supported.

If you need support in a different language, please contact sales (sales@elberling.uk, +44 8445 499 101), and we will look at how best to support you.

When will we get the first report?

You will get the first preliminary report 2-3 working days after completing the preliminary survey.

For benchmarking you may however have to wait until we get enough data from the rest of your sector, if we don’t have enough  available. You will of course not have to pay anything until we do, and at that point you may choose not to buy the benchmarking report.

The report covering a full survey will normally be ready about 8 weeks after completing the preliminary survey. This may however vary with what we agree upon in regards to timing it with your organisation. We would for example suggest not to send out surveys in the middle of the summer holidays, while most of your employees may be away on vacation.

How often should we run the survey?

Once a year or once every two years is normally a good plan. But when you are especially focused on building or increasing maturity in the organisation, you may want to run it e.g. twice a year. This should however be closely aligned with other activities related to raising maturity.

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