What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

Peter Drucker

Keep achieving & stay out of trouble



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elberling.uk help companies unify management efforts. We help you join forces and carry out your plans as an undivided collective.

We teach you to analyse and control the risks you take – to assimilate law and industry best practices into the company culture.

We help you to stand tall, blameless and prepared whenever necessity calls – be it in regards to your stock exchange listing, the banking licence you about to acquire, IT security or some other important business event or factor.

In other words, we help your organization mature by teaching you the practice of ‘business martial arts’ – of compliance, risk management and governance towards common goals.

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Take the survey and get the free GRC report. The report will very clearly show, if you’ll profit from working with us. Follow recommendations. When in doubt, make contact.

Ps. GRC Audit Management is not for everyone and we have no interest in construing problems, that aren’t really there. If you are a company that can benefit from our services, the GRC audit will give you a most obvious hint.


Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation.

Since 2014 we have worked closely with Nicolai Elberling and partners. He has helped us identify and document our most important policies and procedures. He assisted us in defining and implementing controls and in creating and facilitating our new IT strategy.

Early in this period, we aimed at going public. Our IT-department grew from 5 to 38 employees. Complexity grew. We never did go public, but ended up being bought by Canon. Nicolai helped us prepare for the transition with GRC. He helped us build transparency and accountability while holding on to governance and control.

Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation. Without them it’s simply not possible to change the organisation, the culture and the mind-sets fast enough.

     - Peter Højfeldt Flittner, CIO, Milestone

No fancy PowerPoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance.

“Nicolai from elberling.uk helped us establish the right governance structure and balance roles and responsibilities in the company.

He worked with us in a very pragmatic and hands-on manner. Not only did he help us identify what to balance in terms of governance, Risk Management and Compliance. He helped us find the focus we needed. He assisted in delegating responsibility, defining new roles for each employee and engaging the team. No fancy powerpoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance!

All members of our management team are taking governance responsibility now - and we’re no longer slowed down by the bottleneck of top executive decision making.

All the stakeholders involved are very happy with the process as well as the results. Everybody seems to be rising to the challenges of new roles and responsibilities.

That’s why every hour spent was well worth the money! I highly recommend the GRC management of elberling.uk.”

      - CEO, a Danish Fin-Tech company


The free GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) report helps you determine whether or not you struggle with the kind of problems we help you solve. The report is like a mirror. Within it you spot your strengths and weaknesses in regards to business maturity – to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

… And should you have any questions when reading the report, we’ll be happy to answer directly via email or phone.
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About elberling.uk

elberling.uk is founded by Nicolai Elberling. We help clients establish governance and control through unifying company culture.

Our main focus is GRC. It is on governance structures and management of risk. We focus on compliance, conflicts and negotiations as well.

elberling.uk is a team of dedicated people with more than 15 years of experience within governance, compliance and risk management – especially in the financial sector of the Nordic countries.