Simple maturity assessment


A free and simple cultural maturity report for your organisation in regards to Governance, Risk management and Compliance, including:

  • overall maturity level
  • model used
  • possible actions


The simple maturity assessment is an assessment of the cultural maturity of organisations in regards to Governance, Risk management and Compliance (also known as GRC). The assessment will is build on answers given by a single individual in the organisation, and will only ever indicate whereabout an organisation is on the maturity model, and not anything more precise.

This is the free and simple edition of the assessment, giving you an overall indication of the organisations maturity level together with possible actions relevant for your level.

The assessment will cover key roles and disciplines related to GRC, security, business continuity management (BCM) and control management.

When ordered, you will receive a link to an online survey, guiding you through the questions, we need you to answer. After completing the survey, you will receive the assessment report via e-mail within 5-10 working days.

The report contains:

  • an overall indication of where the organisation is on the maturity scale
  • an explanation of the maturity model used
  • a list of actions relevant for the indicated level

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