What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

Peter Drucker

Protect your business against the unforeseeable!

Risk Management course: 1-day Risk Assessment Training

€800.00 excl. VAT

You’ve heard of Risk Management. You know it’s all about due diligence and protecting your business from peril.

But how exactly do you go about it?

How do you identify and assess risks. How do you handle them? How do you root a focus on risk among your colleagues and how will it benefit your business and increase your bottom line?

Toolbox for Department Managers

elberling.uk’s 1-Day Risk Management Course is designed for Department Managers in search of an extremely practical toolbox to help you curb the unpredictable, before it crashes down on business or you and your colleagues.

This risk assessment course is for executives who know that management of risk is an important conduct that businesses of a certain size and industry must adhere to sooner rather than later – who suspect or already recognize the enormous expense that’ll arise once contingency is out to get you. Not the least, who are willing to take the matter into hand and learn the tricks of the trade from a professional.

The risk assesment training course gives you the tools you need to assess and start handling risks in your department and we show you how to root the focus throughout your department and company.

Make better, wiser decisions

So watch your back with real hands on Risk Management training. Use it to improve on safety, processes, projects, performance and internal communication.

Get the clear, straightforward, outspoken and actionable picture of the risks your department takes – and make better, wiser decisions.


Risk Management Course for Department Managers

What is Risk Management and why is it important? How do you respond to risks? How do you identify and handle them? How can Risk Management improve your business and ROI?

These are some of the questions that will be answered during the 1-day risk assessment course:

The training course is for Department Managers who are eager to get practical first hand knowledge on how to perform Risk Management and improve safety, security, processes, projects, performance and internal communication.

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The Details

Course date: March 30, 2017
Place: Copenhagen
Normal price: € 800 excl. VAT
Special offer: € 650 excl. VAT before February 10.

N.B.: Limited number of seats: 20


Do you and your department recognise these hardships in regards to Risk Assessment and Management?

  • There’s not really anything to do about our risk taking. The risks we take are chosen by management. I have no real influence
  • I have handed risks to management several times. I never get any feedback. No action, no decisions – sometimes not even questions. It all seems pointless
  • Risk Management is required, but the way we do it provides no real value and takes up way too much time in a busy day
  • No one has made it clear what I’m expected to do in the area
  • We just end up examining random corners, but what eventually hits us always comes from a completely different angle than we expected
  • I do not know how to identify and manage risks effectively, but I can’t really admit it or ask for help. A concrete understanding of Risk Management is expected of people at my level in the organisation, and I do not want to lose face or get fired for incompetence. So of course I know all about Risk Management!

If only one of these statements apply, our Risk Management Course will be right for you.. We set out to change your perspective during the training – to give you a clear view of a profitable road ahead.



  • Who are you?
  • What is Risk Management to you?
  • Your expectations of the RM setup

The risk assessment

  • Risk Assessment stages (scoping, identification, quantification, response planning)
  • Approach and goals (awareness, risk perspective, decision support, dialogue)
  • Different methods for different situations

Making it part of business

  • Compliance management
  • Incidents, Controls and Documents
  • Business case and benefit realisation
  • Opportunities, options and risk exploitation
  • Delegation and mandate
  • Strategy, plans and budgets
  • Reporting and KPI

Risk management tasks

  • Appetite and profile
  • Aligning to business (VoB)
  • Setting the order, frequency and structure
  • Collection of historic data and status
  • Risk collection
  • Tracking response plans
  • Reporting
  • Measuring effectiveness and risk levels


  • Excel, Powerpoint, Word
  • Templates
  • Etc.

Advanced skills

  • Control design and execution
  • Incident analysis and pattern identification
  • Root cause analysis
  • Key risk indicators (KRI) and Key opportunity indicators (KOI)

After the 1-day Risk Assessment Course you will be able to fulfill obligations related to Risk Management for your department or company

You’ll have the ability to plan, facilitate and execute risk assessments – including:

  • Scoping the risk assessment
  • Structuring the approach
  • Describing observations and risks
  • Quantifying risks
  • Mitigation planning
  • Control design and delegation
  • Understanding risk profiles, responsibilities and limits (Risk Appetite)

You’ll understand when, what and to whom you should report. You’ll learn to create an annual Risk Management action wheel and to establish and control the risk taking of your department. In addition, you get a clear perspective of the relation to other disciplines like…

  • Compliance
  • Incidents, Controls and Documents
  • Strategy, plans and budgets

You’ll have the ability to turn Risk Management into an advantage in management of your department (e.g. in strategic planning and budget negotiations).

Furthermore, you’ll be able to use Risk Management as a lasting model of operations to be utilized in risk exploitation, options and opportunity management.


The teaching will be class lectures and discussions on Risk Management theory and models, cases, tools and others. During the 1-day Risk Management course you’ll also engage in theoretical and practical assignments.

To ensure the quality, we offer the course to a limited number of 20 participants.

When you sign up for the course, you will receive relevant course material and be referred to the tools we’ll use during the training.


Nicolai Elberling (Founder of elberling.uk) has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of Risk Management, Governance and Compliance especially in the financial sector.

Martin Falk-Hansen is Team Leader for the Group Internal Audit unit in KMD. Before then, he worked as System Manager at Nationalbanken (The Danish National Bank) in the business unit ‘Banking and Markets’.

Additionally, Martin has worked with Risk Management in various areas of the financial sector in Denmark and other Nordic countries.

When and where

The Risk Assessment Course will take place in Copenhagen. Details on location and time will be announced closer to the course start date.

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The Details

Course date: March 30, 2017
Place: Copenhagen
Normal price: € 800 excl. VAT
Special offer: € 650 excl. VAT before February 10.

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Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation.

Since 2014 we have worked closely with Nicolai Elberling and partners. He has helped us identify and document our most important policies and procedures. He assisted us in defining and implementing controls and in creating and facilitating our new IT strategy.

Early in this period, we aimed at going public. Our IT-department grew from 5 to 38 employees. Complexity grew. We never did go public, but ended up being bought by Canon. Nicolai helped us prepare for the transition with GRC. He helped us build transparency and accountability while holding on to governance and control.

Consultants like Nicolai are my most important instrument when boosting the organisation. Without them it’s simply not possible to change the organisation, the culture and the mind-sets fast enough.

     - Peter Højfeldt Flittner, CIO, Milestone

No fancy PowerPoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance.

“Nicolai from elberling.uk helped us establish the right governance structure and balance roles and responsibilities in the company.

He worked with us in a very pragmatic and hands-on manner. Not only did he help us identify what to balance in terms of governance, Risk Management and Compliance. He helped us find the focus we needed. He assisted in delegating responsibility, defining new roles for each employee and engaging the team. No fancy powerpoint shows – only tangible hands-on advice and GRC assistance!

All members of our management team are taking governance responsibility now - and we’re no longer slowed down by the bottleneck of top executive decision making.

All the stakeholders involved are very happy with the process as well as the results. Everybody seems to be rising to the challenges of new roles and responsibilities.

That’s why every hour spent was well worth the money! I highly recommend the GRC management of elberling.uk.”

      - CEO, a Danish Fin-Tech company

About elberling.uk

elberling.uk is founded by Nicolai Elberling. We help clients establish governance and control through unifying company culture.

Our main focus is GRC. It is on governance structures and management of risk. We focus on compliance, conflicts and negotiations as well.

elberling.uk is a team of dedicated people with more than 15 years of experience within governance, compliance and risk management – especially in the financial sector of the Nordic countries.